Empowerment, Periods, and What Innovative Underwear Can Do for the World

Empowering women to fulfill typically masculine roles is not necessarily empowerment. Giving equal value preferentially to women who conform to male societal norms still idealizes the patriarchy and marginalizes more feminine roles. This is not progress, this is assimilation.

Just check out this headline from Fortune.com:  When competing in a male-dominated field, women should ‘man up’

When we begin to value the nurse, the construction worker, the nanny, the researcher, the librarian, the mechanic (or… in dance, the lead, the follow), when we value the direct and aggressive among us as well as the quiet, the nurturing, the artistic, the domestic, etc. equally regardless of the specific gender, then we will find empowerment and equality.

When we recognize that a healthy society requires all sorts and stop glorifying a narrow subset of masculine traits, that will elevate each of us and bring us closer to that healthy society.

There is no human who truly fits any stereotype or category. Many women fulfill stereotypically masculine roles because it matches their personality. That is exactly where they should be. However, I see and feel false empowerment and pressure to assimilate to achieve success in our society.

This is not empowerment.

On a similar note….
Menstruation is not shameful! Across the world people treat periods as a dirty, ugly topic that should only be discussed between women in the privacy of their own homes.

Women all around you are having their period right now! Perhaps you’re one of them. I am.

Societies are so ashamed of menstruation that many girls in low income areas or nations don’t have access to tampons and pads. This literally leads to them dropping out of school when they hit puberty and contributes to women being unempowered.

Becoming a woman is not shameful. Refusing aid to those in need because you are squeamish, that is shameful.

Luckily, activists like Elynn Walter are helping bring education and innovation to poor areas in Africa, helping support the education and empowerment of girls.

This is a really cool project, I recommend you read more about it: People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About


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